Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fun for Free SG: Lush greenery at the Sengkang Riverside Park


I am a huge sucker for lush greenery and big empty fields. Even better, the soft breeze against dandelions and soft feathery fountain-grass simply brings me to dreamy escapades and beyond! Living in a cosmopolitan city, it's almost impossible to find such heavenly places anymore. It is all buildings and high rise apartments surrounding our 360.

But living in Sengkang has somewhat led me to believe that there are some well kept "secret" places in Singapore, especially that of where I live in. Sengkang Riverside Park is one of them. Snug in the Anchorvale area of Sengkang, this place is quite a treasure for it's lush greenery, artificial ponds, man-made lakes and big open fields which are perfect for picnics and kite flying. 

I have not been there much, nor have I actually really ventured the entire park because it's HUUUGEEE. You can actually see this park when you drive along the Tampines expressway and across the Jalan kayu flyover. It's beautiful greenery is so inviting that you would almost want to hop out of your car and explore the park. 

The last time we went to the Riverside Park, we actually had a mini picnic party to celebrate my son's fourth birthday and the pictures came out amazing!

This is the entrance you would see along the road.
This used to be a multi-purpose hall that looks almost awesome for parties and weddings,
 but it has been since converted to a cafe.
The lush greenery that awaits you
Beautiful plants and leaves surrounds
Perfect for kite-flying, and senseless running for the kids
The green pathways that are just so awesome
I told you, the place is perfect for "bollywood" poses!
And we had a beautifully simple and naturalistic picnic-birthday that special day.
Sengkang Riverside Park is not your typical park with benches or gazebos, so do bring along picnic mats and sprawl them around the big fields if you intend to go. There are beautiful pathways to take relaxing strolls with your loved ones, and also bicycle tracks for you to explore on the go. It is a park perfect for when the weather is not too hot, and all you want is a quick getaway from the city to beautiful nature.

To get there, you can take the LRT from Sengkang Interchange and alight at Farmway station. it is just a five minute walk from the station, and it faces the Sengkang swimming complex too! Here is more information about the park on the National parks website.

Sengkang Riverside Park (50 Anchorvale St)


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  1. Wow the green pathways look so amazing amazing amazing!!! I wish we had a park like that! I would so go EVERYDAY! Well ok, every other day :) Thanks for hopping on the FunForFreeSG blog train! Choo choo!!!

  2. Thank you! Our kids are having fun and learning new things . This looks like so much fun for them.

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