Saturday, August 23, 2014

I was at the Rise and Shine Expo, and my kids definitely came home being happier kids!

Sometimes I do not know why I subject myself to crazy crowds at fairs, but I am guessing it's because I have this deep love for shopping under one roof. This week at Suntec Convention Center, one of the biggest parenting and educational fair is happening! The Rise and Shine Expo has landed and it's a must-go! They have parenting seminars which you have to register for, and also trial classes for children that may just help you pick and choose what you need for that holiday program. I personally love the fair for all the bargains, and hands on fun that the children get to enjoy.

Parenting fairs have come a long way. Back then, it's really all about retailing. These days, it's about opportunities for children as organizers strive to plan for children to explore, play, and experience amidst their parents shopping. It's killing two birds with a single stone for me when my children enjoy themselves and I get to run my errands at the same time.

If you love fairs too, and have nothing up for the weekend, then do consider bringing your kids to meet-and-greet Sofia the first and Jake from the Neverland pirates at the Rise and Shine fair. Do keep a lookout for some really outstanding booths at the fair, like the Disney baby booth (I'll speak about that in a separate entry) which is crazily pretty and brings back my love for Disney altogether.

In any case, I think meeting Sofia and Jake is a good enough reason to bring your kids to the fair! They have eighty passes to give out and it is on a first come first serve basis, so make sure you get your lucky hands on them. :)

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