Monday, May 18, 2015

Blog Train: If I Were a Time Traveller...

Ever watched Back to the Future, where Michael J Fox was still a handsome young lad, and we were in our childhood, and travelling back in time or travelling forward in time seems like the coolest thing to wish for? Yeah, me to, as much as a lot of us do. Wouldn't it be lovely to travel back in time, or maybe even if we don't, just dreaming of travelling back in time.

What would I change, 
what would I do different?

Let's throwback to when I was a teen, many years back. I had the time of my life in secondary school, college, and even polytechnic. I went through each learning journey trying to find my niche. I did very well for my O'Levels so I did not have trouble choosing where I wanted to go to study next. I was hasty enough to choose a Chinese-ed college just because it sounded nice, and it was cool to be studying at the so-said school. After year 1, I did not like it one bit because well, let's face it, Mandarin had never been my thing to ace, and being surrounded with Chinese A-star students was a little intimidating. Furthermore, I did not quite like taking the science route even though I did very well in my math and sciences because it just did not suit the personality that I am.

So I left, and enrolled into a polytechnic instead. Well, studying in a polytechnic was vibrant enough for me, it was totally fun to be walking in school, hanging out in home clothes and carrying my laptop from lecture hall to lecture hall. There was so much freedom, I absolutely loved school. However, I chose the wrong course. Once again, I thought why not go back to my comfort zone, THE SCIENCES. I took a diploma in Biomedical Science and went on to not working in that industry at all. It just did not fit in with my personality, again. 

I am one to move about, to talk very loudly, to want to meet new people all the time. You can say, I am quite the social butterfly. Staying in the lab, wearing a lab coat, and trying out experiments was just not my cup of tea. It was way too boring for my very energetic pair of legs and my fidgety bum. I was left lost for quite a while and didn't know what career path to take thereafter. 

It was only after I became a mother, that I started sending my child to Julia Gabriel for their playgroup sessions that I saw what I liked. It was also then that I found my Eureka moment!

I love kids.
I love movement.
I love being up and about.
I love chatting, and talking, and chatting.
I love being playful.

All that just pretty much sums up an early childhood teacher in her daily job scope. Making sure children grow up loving their childhood, and learning in the process of it all. I wanted to be that person, who contributed to their fun, and joy, and be part of the wonderment of growing up. 

My second son was but a month old when I enrolled myself into school again. Since then I have not looked back, and I have graduated from my course. I am now a licensed teacher, and I am very happy with my career. The only regret I have was, finding out too late, what my niche was. If only I had known back then, I could have probably advanced in my career quicker than I can now. 

If I could travel back in time to the day I took my O'level results and searched for my career path, I would have chosen Early Childhood in a heartbeat. But you know what, perhaps also, being a mother made me a better decision maker and a more mature learner. So even if I could travel back in time, and turn the clock around, things wouldn't have happened the way I think it would have. Like they say, everything happens for a reason!

What would you change if you could travel back in time? Don't say I didn't warn you, but the thinking could set you back for a lot of thinking once you embark on it! :)

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Jennifer or DinoMama as she is fondly known as to some, is a full time working mum who believes home cooked meals are the best and tries to cook healthy meals for her family as often as possible. When she has done coaching DinoBoy with his school work or not playing & bonding with him, she will be sitting at a comfy corner in the house busy working on something on her crochet hook. One day she hopes she will be able to be a full time stay at home mum where she can fuss over her family 24/7.

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  1. Aww thanks for sharing! Not knowing what I wanted to do was one of the reasons why I chose to go to JC instead of Poly after O levels because I'm not sure what I wanted to do at that young age (had to "suck it up" in JC, thankfully still doing Arts which I liked haha). I always say it doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as we get there eventually. I'm glad you found your way; the kids are better off because of you =)