Monday, August 25, 2014

Shopping for books at the NoQ Store brings about an excitement like no other!

I won't deny that I love shopping. I also won't deny that I absolutely go crazy for books. Put this together and you'll realise that I am quite the shopaholic when it comes to books. To put things into better perspective, I have a library at home that looks like this:

Now you get the idea right? I am always on the lookout for great bargains, and online sites where I can park my bum, and shop to my hearts content. With all the bookstores closing down on us recently, it is really catastrophic for us book lovers to know that there's a shortage of bookshops on our little island. Thankfully though, more online bookstores are sprouting out, and one particular bookstore to keep a lookout for is NoQ Store!

NoQ actually stands for "no queue" and technically, there really is no queue when you are shopping with NoQ because it's an online subsidiary of the Times publishing that we are all too familiar with! :) Apart from that, the online store offers thousands of books carefully divided into our favorite sections for easy selection!

Recently, I shopped for some books, and here was how it went:

STEP ONE: Browse through their mad selection of books. They have different sections for different book genres. Here, you can find me browsing through the kid selection. You can automatically see the highlighted discounts and savings that you will be getting in Red.

STEP TWO: For more information, or even a synopsis of the book, do click on the book and you will be redirected to another page. On this page, you can see a larger image of the book selected, reviews of the book from fellow buyers, and also an add to cart option should you choose to buy it!

STEP THREE: If you are tired from all that browsing, there is a SEARCH option where you just have to type in the author or title, and you will be redirected to a result page with all the books. Here, I typed activities and found tons of books I am actually interested to get instead of the initial book I wanted. Sometimes, we all need some ideas when it comes to shopping!

STEP FOUR: Once you've add to cart with all your purchases, it's really a no brainer to get to the payment and delivery page. Best part is, you get to shop, and receive NTUC points if you are a member! Delivery takes a little longer sometimes, although they do promise to get your books to you within 3 weeks. But for me, the longer it takes, the more exciting it is to wait for mr mailman to come by with your loot!

Extra pointers to note:
- Delivery is FREE for purchases over SGD25
- Type in your email address for newsletters emailed to you! I find this really useful because they email relevant book ideas as well as discount codes from time to time.
- There is a chatline box for you to get your enquiries answered on site.

After three weeks,
Santa came in the form of a courier man who delivered these beautiful books to me and boy, was I a delighted little girl all over again!

I had a pleasant experience shopping at the NoQ store, and if you would like to shop too, here's a sweet deal for all my readers! Just key in the code, ITCHYFINGERS at the end of the purchase, and you will receive a cool 15% off your total amount. :) Sweet deal, ain't it? There is no reason not to shop now!

Happy Shopping, and I hope you have a bookalicious time!

Disclaimer: I was given a book voucher to purchase some books at the store for this review, and all thoughts and opinions are solely mine. 

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