Thursday, March 28, 2013

A crazy errand running, insane plan executing, and physically exhausting party to plan.

I have been busy the past few days, preparing for a surprise intimate birthday party for the husband. He turns thirty-four today, and this is just my second time attempting a surprise for him in the whole seven years we have been married. See, it's never easy doing up a surprise when you live under the same roof, and well... I just really suck at keeping surprises secret for too long. The excitement just catches up with me!

This intimate party was a crazy errand running, insane plan executing, and physically exhausting one even though it was a relatively simple party to begin with. Thing is, I have two toddlers driving me up the wall the whole time. I brought both boys with me, one in a pram, the other walked free. We went into the cake shop, first child wants to pee. We went to the supermarket, and the second child needed a change of diaper. Then there were the decor supplies I needed to buy, and the first child needed to pee AGAIN. The whole time had me running to the washroom a total of five times in the short span of an hour and a half. I succumbed to finally buying a packet of biscuits with chocolate to dip in for the boys, and that ended in another disaster because the little one decided to have his whole face smeared with chocolate. Still I continued going around running my errands with a chocolate monster in the pram, and another monster running loose. Did I mention that I had to push a pram whilst carrying like a million other things as well as holding the hands of my toddler? That was just the errand running and as if it was not enough...

I came home, attempted to put up the decor with two screaming toddlers who were fighting over every possible toy. Then came the yelling for more sweets (serves me right for even thinking that sweets could provide me some sort of peace!) which then contributed to their hyperactivity and what not. The kids took every opportunity to get their fingers onto the hung up decorations, and I tried my best to keep them away which failed miserably. My last resort was to surrender my iPhone which kept them occupied for a mere fifteen minutes (I think!) before all hell broke loose again.

It's amazing how the love for the husband and the determination to give him a good 34th birthday surprise kept me sane throughout the chaos. I am still sane, though my back hurts and my feet are exhausted... but seeing the husband's eyes light up when he came home to our surprise was definitely worth all that. I must give a pat on my back for successfully pulling a surprise party on my own, with two kids to handle! I guess love pushes you to do things that are beyond your capability sometimes, yes?

Happy wonderful Birthday to the amazing husband I am thankful for,
and the fantastic father the boys are blessed with!

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