Saturday, March 16, 2013

I was there at the smart kids asia fair.

I do not know what is the connection, but being a parent makes me appreciate exhibitions and fairs even more these post-children days. I feel like fairs are often a convenient one-stop place where I can gather information, purchase items I need and want, and let the children hang out all at once. I hate crowds and noise and people shoving one another, but if crowded fairs can compensate all that with really good deals and save me time from heading to a million other places to source out a billion other things, then I say why not!

Over the weekend, I dropped by the Smartkids Asia fair at Expo for a couple of reasons. {ONE} being I needed to source out for an enrichment/playgroup class for my young and youngest sons, {TWO} I wanted to find an excuse to shop for educational resources and materials at a discount, and {THREE} they had way too tempting performances going on at half an hour slots for the entire days, for all three days of the exhibition. Oh, and I had an absolutely bigger reason to lug myself to the fair because I had won myself a complimentary smartkids asia goodie bag from entering a fellow SMB giveaway contest.

Having been to last year's fair, I was pleasantly pleased that this year's fair was coupled with better booth vendors, a more extensive itinerary and a large variety of hands-on activities for children to get engaged in while the adults did their "kiasu parent" thing.

Largest educational fair, indeed
One of the more popular free activity boys were flocking to try because it involved balance bikes, and plenty of ramps for the thrill seeker.
We reached just in time for a Julia Gabriel performance. And my son loved it just because he's from the alumni. :p
We were lucky enough to get a music and movement trial for my youngest son at The Music Studio, formerly known as Kindermuzik. We would be attending their regular classes soon, because we were sold with their energetic and approachable teachers.
My three-year old avid footballer got his chance to show off his killer kick at the Fandi Ahmad Academy, but they told him he was a little too youngish still. Applications open at four years and older.
And then they had these crazy expensive uncle ringo amusement rides that ripped my pocket apart because the boys kept wanting more.

And this was my complimentary goodie bag which had tons of sample packs, brochures and handouts. Perfect for the kiasu mom that I am I guess. One thing that I really appreciated getting was the Smart fish doses, because I have been meaning to let my son try that for some brain boosting power. 

I think other parent fairs should take cue and move along into providing more engaging activities and events for young children. It allows parents to indulge and engage themselves freely with the respective booths without having to worry of kids feeling bored or being disrupted with their cranky behavior. This year's Smart Asia fair made me a pleased mommy because I managed to settle some pending registrations with added exhibition discounts as well as get my hands on some meaningful products for my toddler and preschooler. And my children were greatly entertained as well which makes for quite a meaningful family event on a Saturday.

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