Monday, April 29, 2013

Alas, it's the end of six weeks of Fun, Fun, Fun!

It's been a very fruitful holiday for me, though it is officially the end of my six week break, and I am back to busy mode. Over the past six weeks, I did manage to tick a couple off my bucket list, and we had fun as a family. We did food, we did fun, and we did all the things needed for good family bonding.

Of Rollerblading. Swimming. Cycling.Football.

Of Alphabet Fishing. We're going on an Alphabet Hunt. Print Painting. Playground Fun. At the Beach. Inline skating. Collecting Twigs. Alphabet with Twigs.
The Sun, the sand, the sea.

Of Adrenalin Rushes and Thrilling Rides. Megabugs and Premieres.

 Of Special Days and Celebrations!

Of Coffee dates with Friends. And playdates too.

And lots and lots of cooking. baking. eating. too.

Of course, now that I am back to busy bee mode, it would not mean that I would be neglecting the family. The family fun stays, although perhaps just not so much time spent on baking, and cooking new meals. Learning to sew and bake remains on my bucket list, for my next holiday. Let's hope for new projects up my sleeve if time permits!

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