Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Morning Snapshot: A Peaceful Morning at Home

Saturday mornings are usually school days and I would well be in class by now. But I decided to take a day off school today and stay home with the kids instead. Hence, don't mind my more than one Saturday morning snapshot!

8.31 am
The kids are still sleeping snugly in their beds.

I've prepared their breakfast bentos for the kids, ready for when they wake up!

Walking by the hallway, I stop and smile at the red carnation that reminds me that my special day is tomorrow. A day we celebrate being mothers.

The boys are still sleeping in, I have the chance to catch up on some light reading and enjoy my me-time. 

That is quite some peace for a home bound Saturday morning, that is until the boys are up and my day starts all over again. 

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