Monday, August 12, 2013

MegaBugs Return, A last chance to win free tickets and catch it this weekend!

If you are thinking where to head to with your preschoolers and primary-schoolers this weekend, I have just the place for you! Even better if you are living just a stone's throw away from the west.

A couple of months back, we were invited to the première of MegaBugs Return. This exhibition of larger than life sized bugs is held at the Science Centre, and is a remake of the Megabugs exhibition that was a hit in 1994. Children and adults are treated to life sized, moving insects and bugs that will intrigue as well as excite you! When else can you see each and every detail of a roaming bug, except at the Megabugs Return exhibition!

There were big humongous ants crawling by, scorpions with really gigantic claws, hairy tarantulas as big as a car, and even cockroaches that were so huge they would literally make your hair stand, especially if you are a cockroach-phobic like I am. But then again, if you have fearless boys who get excited at the sight of bugs, then this is the place for them to learn and explore all about the bugs.

My two boys were extremely excited at the sight of bugs that were bigger than them, that they kept asking if they could ride them. Of course, these displayed bugs are really just for display but you can add to the fun by dressing your little ones in bug costumes just so they feel like they are part of the bugs. My boys were decked in ladybug spots and feelers, and bumble bee wings that we made at home and the moment they spotted the bugs of the same kind, they squealed loudly in excitement!

Because we were invited to the premiere of the megabugs return, we were treated to bug face painting and even tattoos! In fact, there were even bug goodies as munchies that were served. Children were dressed in bug costumes that made them look doubly cute, and we even spotted a spider-boy with eight mini legs!

The Megabugs Return ends this Saturday, 18th August and this may be the last time these bugs make an appearance like that. So do drop by with your kids, and have them learn all about bugs with these life-sized bugs! Maybe after this exhibition, we can all start to befriend these bugs the next time we see them around!

We have five sets of 4tickets to give away,courtesy of  P'art 1 Design Pte Ltd, the co-partner and official set builder of the Megabugs Return! Exhibition. These tickets will not only grant admission to the MegaBugs Return Exhibition, but also to the main Science Centre area! To win a set of four tickets for yourself, just leave a comment with your name and email address, as well as your answer to the following question:
"Which bug would you or your child like to see most at the exhibition and why?"
Contest ends tomorrow at midnight, and we will contact the winners via email! 
Good Luck!!

More information about The Megabugs Return Exhibition:
Exhibition Dates:
20 April 2013 to
18 August 2013
Annexe, Science Centre
Typical time required:
60 minutes
Admission Fee:
Adult - $20*
Child - $15*


  1. Our kids would like to see spiders (erm are they bugs?)! They've been fascinated with them ever since singing itsy bitsy spider & reading Charlotte's web.

  2. I think my boys would like to see some bees, since there are so many books about bees, and they love to watch Bee Movie!


  3. My kids would love to see ladybug and caterpillar. They were fascinated with stories by Eric Carle. Seeing the bugs is like stories come alive!!! They will be Wow!

  4. We'll like to see Stag beetles....

  5. Hi! My boys wld be thrilled to see the spidys! They love everything spider.from their fav itsy bitsy spider rhyme to their fav superhero ,spiderman!

  6. My kids would like to see the ants. They love watching the movie and reading the book 'The Ant Bully'.

  7. We would like to see the Incy-Wincy Spiders in the Megabugs Return exhibit.My daughter always sang this song when she was in nursery and looks at the spiders very curiously.How they move and how they climb the walls.SO I think she will be fascinated to see many types of spiders in the exhibition.Hoping to win a set of ticket for my family.