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More time for things that Matter - Diapers that make a happy baby!

The whiff of a newborn baby, the moments of the days and years that come after as well as the process of the everyday that made everything so special never really ends in a mother's diary. Everything is recorded, and shall be kept vivid and clear in her memory for as long as she lives. 

I remember being a new parent, and I was overwhelmed with all the new things I had to pick up and learn. There was the breastfeeding to cope with, the diapering to learn about, and especially the bond that I had to develop with my newborn. It was never easy, but somehow having the right kind of consultations, the right kind of advice and the absolute right type of products made it all just easy to grasp.

With our first child almost a toddler, it was even easier the second time around. There was no need for trial and error no more, as we were confident of the products we had chosen to use with him to work with our second born too. Gone were the days we had to try which brand that was the best not just for the comfort of our child, but also goes easy on our wallet, for necessities like diapers are used so much so often that we really needed to find one that worked for us all.

We finally settled for pack of diapers that was "The One" - Drypers Wee Wee Dry!

Price matters!
My husband is quite the scrooge. He could spend all day at the supermarket comparing the prices of things. If you must know, he did his homework with almost all the diaper brands, and could tell you which was the most and least expensive of them all. Luckily for us, the diaper brand we chose for our children worked out to be not just reasonably priced, but also the cheapest of the lot. Best part of all, quality and comfort was never compromised in the equation, which made us all the more contented with it.

Absorbency is key!
Drypers, the diaper that is absolutely brilliant at absorbency, to help last through the long nights for when the baby slept through. Our baby was a 12hour-all nighter, and would sleep for twelve hours straight everyday so having a diaper that was essential enough to hold his urinal needs while we rested our minds was really almost like finding a needle in a haystack. I remember the first night we held our breaths and waited to see if it leaked, keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for better sleeping nights ahead. The morning after, the bed was dry and our baby woke up a happy baby. Needless to say, we were the happiest parents that morning.

Comfort and Quality
We all know how a cranky baby makes for cranky parents. And we all hope and pray that we never go down that road. Hearing horror stories of bad nappy rashes as well as itch and blisters happening around the soft baby flash of other babies make me cringe. Can you imagine how painful it is for babies to go through the trauma of having rash, or blisters at their inner thighs, or bottoms without even having the developmental ability to self-scratch? That is why, I am thankful to have found the one diaper that does not make my baby go through such trauma. Since we have been using Drypers and with their 100% breathable cloth-like cover, our baby has had a pretty pink bottom that is healthy and rash-free! If you must know how Drypers keeps our baby's bottom pink and healthy, it is because the Wee Wee Dry contains 4-1 botanical extracts like Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Vitamin E, and Olive Extract!

Travelling with ease
We travel around our neighboring countries quite a bit, so it is essential for us to know that our usual baby necessities could be found when we travel too. It beats carrying bigger luggage stuffed with diapers and other baby things halfway across the world. So easy it is to travel and know that the brands you use can be found even if you walk into a foreign supermarket and your child's comfort and likes are not compromised! We have found the same type and size diapers in other countries that delivers the same promise like the ones we use in Singapore which is so comforting to me and my children.

Flaps that stick, but do not destroy
Apart from absorbency, another thing that we were very particular about our diapers is the type of side flaps they had. We have tried those really sticky ones that stuck on, and was not reusable. Sometimes, we had to check on the diapers and the moment we pulled a flap out, it meant changing the entire diaper which was such a wastage and unnecessary. When our baby grew a little older, he started to pull on those flaps himself, so it really mattered the kind of flaps these diapers had. Drypers Wee Wee Dry has flexi-tapes that are reusable and allows multiple refastening, and it is useful to know that it is resistant to talcum powder too! Gone are the days we needed to throw a diaper just because the flaps were fiddled with!

Design, it helps excite the children!
Did I also mention that our children are absolutely besotted with their diaper designs? Each time we brought home packs of Drypers, they would run to it and ask "What color are the diapers now? What picture does it have?" Their favorites include the orange stars (Small), the purple elephants (extra large) and the green birds (double extra large)! I like the fact that the designs are kept simple yet classy, one that does not scream "Diaper alert" when donning a white outfit, yet keeps the children excitable about wearing a pretty diaper!

Being a home based photographer, I use my children as photography subjects almost every other day. In fact, half of the photographs I shoot my kids in are of those they are most happy and comfortable, and let's just say they are always in the comfort of just their Drypers during those moments!

In addition, Drypers has all you need and want in being the parent that is equipped with all the right skills and advice. They have a Facebook page to allow you to know more parenting tips, be engaged in activities like family days (Drypers Little Day Out) and competitions that might just win you some goodies!

And if you need a sample to hop onto the Drypers bandwagon, the nice people at Drypers would be more than willing to send you some. All you need to do is fill in some simple details here.

Drypers is very pro-family, and that is what I like most about it. They help you get the basic things right, just so you can spend more time on things that actually matter. :)

Make your everyday moments more rewarding by taking part in the "Today, Moments Matter" photo contest and win up to $5,000 in cash! Have fun!

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post by Drypers Singapore. We received products for user experience purposes. All opinions are truly my own. 

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