Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mom at War, presenting my germinzer toolbox!

The first day we were told our boys had HFMD, I tightened my homemaker belt and started executing a full detailed plan on how this virus is not going to thrive in our household!

Presenting my handy germinizer toolbox! The kids were rather amused that I borrowed their toolbox for my project-kill-all-germs but they do not mind at all since it is for a good cause! In fact, the boys very conveniently help themselves to the sanitizers as and when they feel like keeping the germs away.

5 Essential items in our household to combat the HFMD virus:
1. Parklon santizer for mats and toys, organic and non-toxic, perfect for keeping those toys clean everyday after play!
2. Farlin De-Mite Spray for linens and fabrics. Keeps their bedsheets clean and smelling fresh!
3. Lifebuoy antibacterial bodywash. Nothing like a germination shower!
4. Dettol hand santizer, handy for all situations (after sneeze, before meals etc)
5. PH 2.5 mouthwash. This is the same kind of water that dentists use to cleanse our mouths of bacteria. It was given very kindly by our neighbour and my boys are ever so happy to spray their mouths clean with it!

I feel like a mom battling war in her own home, but at the current moment, keeping my home clean and free from germs and viruses is my number one priority!

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