Friday, November 8, 2013

A look at... two tables I frequently use and share... with both pets and kids.

Our home used to have just a coffee table, and a dining table when it was just the husband and I. Then the kids came along, and just as we added two more to our family line, the number of tables at home expanded too. We now have a kids craft table, a versatile all-in-one table step2 table, and a lego table we made from Ikea's popular lack tables.

All that in a tiny 90sqm house!

Today I am going to share two tables that I use daily, one at home, and one in school. Both of which is relatively small, both of which is very very messy.

The many papers on both desks is evidence that I am working on my endless school assignments. My kids love to join me while I do my work, and we pretend to be busy at work together. They leave many scraps of drawings behind that remind me how colorful the world is because they are in in. And do say Hello to our new terrapins which occasionally share my desk too! The coffee on my school desk is... do I even need to elaborate on how many hours of sleep I get daily?

I know I said, two tables was all I would share. But a peek into a third table won't hurt right? Here's a peek at our all-purpose Step 2 table that the kids use to play, doodle, read, climb... the list is pretty endless!

I hope I did not give you a heart attack!

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  1. LOL! Seems like we all have fruitful, full tables! :p Please share the lego table, would love to take a peek at it! Thanks for linking up!