Saturday, November 9, 2013

Home Team Festival 2013, recognizing the people who keep our home secure and safe.

If you don't already know, the Home Team Singapore is having an exhibition and festival happening at the Expo Halls this weekend. Boys being boys, my kids were extremely excited when we told them that we were going to bring them where fire engines, police cars were open for public exploration. Of course, since we have been to our local fire stations before, the kids were more excited about catching policemen in action and they got just that. Plus, the older son even had a go at the Special Operations Command booth, shooting a live MP5 submachine gun. Actually, we all had a go at it, myself included!

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This festival is organised specially to educate our members of the public, the duties and responsibilities of our home team. The very people who keep our nights safe while we go to bed soundly, and yes the very people who come to our aid in times of distress. One thing I especially liked about this year's home team festival was how it catered to the young citizens of the nation. It is equally if not more important to let our young know how they are kept safe, and even more important for them to be proud of these community helpers.

Do drop by Singapore Expo Hall tomorrow to explore the many vehicles on display, as well as plenty of hands on activities suited for young children as well as school children. There are little costumes to be worn, battery operated fire engine and police cars to be driven, guns to be tested, and even crime scenes to be decoded! In fact, there are activities for the whole family of all ages to enjoy!

Visit the Home Team Festival page on Facebook for more information on live demonstrations of our police force, k-9 dogs in action, and plenty more. Tomorrow is the last day, so bring your family down to share the pride of our nation in a fun filled fest!

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