Monday, November 25, 2013

Sharing simple number books we learn to rote count with.

I have lost count of how many books I have read to the kids. Some that I really like and the kids have taken a fancy to, I read them over and over again. Actually, the kids are more than fine with reading the same books over and over (and over and over and over) again. Husband and I do take turns with the bedtime stories though. No wonder they say, babies are most comfortable with routine. More often than not, it is mom and dad who crave for something fresh, hence the need to shop for more books! Those books that I find a bore, and they do too, we just shove it to the back of the shelf, leaving space in front for the favorites.

Everyday, we go through the routine reading of of their favorite books. These are just some of the number books that my boys have grown to love, which in one way or another have taught them the basics of numbers and rote counting. The best are still those, which rhyme, or can sing a tune or two with... and definitely those with tens of kisses to exchange!

One to Ten and Back Again by Nick Sharratt and Sue Heap

The best part of this book is that it counts from One to Ten, and from Ten to one. Hence, it is almost like reading the numbers twice in a row, instilling better memory for the numbers one to ten.

Ten Tiny Tickles by Karen Katz

Karen Katz is a favourite among most mommies, and I am no different. I love this number book by her simply because with each page, you get to do the activity with your own baby, allowing them to relate to it even better. I read this to ahmed every morning when he wakes, and he loves how with every page turned, he gets more tickles!

Spot Can Count! by Eric Hill

How can anyone not know who Spot the dog is? Spot, every household's favourite! Well, at least he was my favoruite back when I was still little. And now that I am all grown up, it's time to read Spot's fun adventures to my little ones. The boys love going around from page to page, opening those flaps to see who and what is behind it. And in this book, behind those flaps lay the answers to how many animals there are on each page. What I like about this book, he gets to learn those numbers along with learning the animals they have on the farm. Two-in-one, a good deal I say!

My Very First Book of Numbers by Eric Carle

Unlike the first three picture books, this book by Eric Carle is not a story book. Rather, it teaches the numbers in a very interactive way. With each number, you get to turn the bottom half to match the pictures shown.  Anything with flaps and matching, it's a hit with the kids!

Nutty Numbers by Dr Seuss

I admit, I am quite biased when it comes to Dr Seuss. I love his books, all of it. I love how how it rhymes with every sentence. I get to read it in a nice tone when it rhymes! Well, it's even better when it comes with flaps that manages to capture the boys at full attention. Like I mentioned, they love interactive flap books.

Of course, those I listed aren't the only number books in our library. They have plenty of others that I find quite trashy but allow them to play-read them on his own. (He is reading Goodnight Moon, 1,2,3 in this picture) In any case, any book that gets the boys seated down and concentrating on the content is a good enough book. Those I listed are just my personal favorites, I guess (from a mother's point of view) :)))

Other number books that I am eyeing and would love to add to our library:
The Most Amazing Hide-and-Seek Numbers Book
Daddy Hugs
The Twelve Days of Kindergarten
1, 2, 3 to the Zoo


  1. This mommy has her eyes on Ten Tiny Tickles and Nutty Numbers! Both of these books look really great!

    1. I love ten tiny tickles, because it gives mothers an excuse to smother our children!! :) Hehe, something we'd like to do often isn't it!

  2. I love the books you recommended! I've been looking for more counting books and the ones u mentioned looks like so much fun :)