Friday, February 28, 2014

Foodie Friday: A Soho Lunch at the Side Alley.

Every trip away from Singapore, we always return with a dish that we rave about, and will haunt us till the next overseas trip. Like a couple of years ago when we were on one of those honeymooney trips to Kata Beach, we had some very amazing grilled calamari. I am not the squid kind of person, but that calamari actually had me try it for the first time and made me fall heads over heels with squid. Then there was the brilliant Rendang Sapi we had at Como Shambhala Bali that we fell head over heels over that no other Rendang has been able to beat to date. In Bangkok, we would never forget the club sandwich we ordered in for room service. It tasted so so good after an entire day of shopping! Of course there were the many other Thai food we had during our yearly Phuket escapade too. The last trip down under had us raving about the Beef and Turkey Panini at The Chocolate Factory at Swan Valley.

This trip to Western Australia was no different. Our holiday had ended two weeks ago, yet we are still raving, craving and salivating for the dishes we each had at SOHO. The husband had Spicy Prawn something topped with lots and lots of cheese, while I had Meatballs Napolitana which was honestly the best spaghetti meatballs I have ever tasted. The beef meatballs were tender, moist and tasty and the spaghetti was just well done. The husband's spicy prawns were really moist, succulent and nice too, I had a couple of noms myself! The best part, the waiters came around to serve mozz cheese in big bowls instead of those tiny shakers. So trust me, they were very generous with their cheese!

We sat at the side alley instead of the main restauranty area, because we had children and we prefer the outdoors so that the children could be free to explore while we lunched. I liked that they had the alfresco dining option, that came in a side alley that was rustic and so funky. It even had a small side stage that hosted music artists from time to time. That afternoon, our boys were our entertainment for the day. They went up the stage, sang and danced for us while we dined. Now, they can safely say they have tried their thing with singing onstage in a public place and it was not too bad at all!

I guess even though we missed a chance to dine at Jamie's Italian, we still managed to taste some pretty fine Italian downunder too!

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