Thursday, February 27, 2014

Part 2 of Organizing our play and learn area, we take our Lego very seriously.

One of the most played toy in the house would be the Lego. I see the boys constructing something with it everyday, and I thought to myself why not have it in a place where the boys had the most space and could play with it while the husband and I have some television time some nights. So, our lego area is not exactly in the play room, but we allocated some space in the living room for the building and construction fun. This is how it looks like:

I segregated all their building and construction toys into different boxes and made a Lego table out of our favorite Ikea lack tables. These were very simple to do actually, just hot glue a lego plate down onto the Ikea lack table, and you have a very nice lego space just for the kids! All for just $30. The lack table is only $12.90, and the lego plate costs $17 if I remember correctly.

I guess when you have an all boy family, you cannot really make do without a building and construction area. It's the boy's favorite place to be at, at any point of the day, and it also allows them to know that different toys allow for different purposes. I would have to say, the train tracks is the next favorite toy in the world, and we have a nicely spaced carpeted area in the living room for them to build the longest of tracks around and under our legs while the husband and I cuddle up to some favorite shows. That is about all the me-time we get, really.

In an effort to be more organized at home and letting the children have a nice learn and play environment, I am conscientiously clearing up junk and allocating proper spaces for play. Read all about part 1 of organizing the playroom here!

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