Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Part 3: Adding activity elements to our play area!

The third installation to our playroom required little effort, a small budget, but provided for lots of fun and learning opportunities at home. We live in a typical four room flat and in my opinion, is too small for a household of two preschoolers who treat every furniture in the home like a playground. Space is so little that we really need to make the most out of everything. EVERYTHING including the door.

The door to our playroom is also now a felt board. Only because I was walking around the entire room and house looking for a good area to hang up a felt board, and there was none. My walls are filled up with frames of family photos. In the playroom, shelves and cupboards take up all the floor space and at least half the wall space. In exasperation, I decided to use the door as our felt board area, because it was staring at me in blankness! It turned out well, and the boys love the idea of sitting on floor and playing with the door, or playing on the door, or whatever you want to call it. They just love the felt board area being at some unconventional place because it seems so out of this world!

So there you have it, a felt board done with just a piece of felt (no cutting required if you buy those Daiso ones) and a hot glue gun. You really just have to glue it on, and the door transforms into an activity panel just like that. Of course, I had to add some detailing with foam letters and some ribbon just so it looks pretty-ier.

My husband came home to this and shook his head silently. I bet he's thinking, "golly, this woman just takes every little bit of everything and makes it into a play area!"

Do read about Part 1 and Part 2 of organizing our playroom if you wish to see more ideas!


  1. Well, it does look lovely. And it serves a good playful purpose too! That's a good enough reason to put it up! ;)

    1. Hee, thanks June! Space is so limited that we really need to think of places that have dual purposes these days!