Friday, April 11, 2014

Part 4: A dress up corner with little space and budget. It's possible!

Following the superhero capes that I made, I realized that we fell short of having a dress-up corner for the boys. Yep, you read me right. My boys do play dress up too, just like every other vain little girl, and I encourage that a lot. So much that I decided to find a corner in their room and turn it into a dress-up corner.

I have managed to scour quite a fair bit of costumes at really cheap prices over a period of two years, so the boys get to have fun with pretend play (at my expense sometimes) where I'll become their patient, patron, victim, and sometimes child. Roles turned around, it's actually quite fun when I am their child, because I get to see the mother I am in their eyes!

So anyway, I have always been a budget mom when it comes to their homeschooling expenses. Come on, things are not cheap in Singapore especially when it comes to little children! My husband and I used to joke how the younger and smaller the children are, the MORE expensive things are. Like diapers, milk powder, clothes, books, toys, okay you get the drift. This time around, I gave myself a budget of under ten dollars to create a corner entirely from scratch. I think finding that corner of space in my teeny home was harder than actually sticking to the budget!

Ikea Trofast Storage Container - $3-$7 (Depending on depth)
Daiso Extendable Rod - $2

A cowboy (yeeehaaaaa) and a dracula to suck my blood (pun very intended!)

It is a really simple set up in a really small corner I managed to find in their bedroom between their wardrobes and bookshelf, and it took no more than $10 for me to set that up. The children love the accessibility of the dress-up costumes hung at their height (you can adjust the pole longer or shorter, higher or shorter!) which allows them to dress up at whim! Oh wait, we need a mirror too, that I probably need to get at Ikea soon!

Did I mention, they also love the animal headbands that we bought for $2 at Daiso too? If you have a girl, this dress-up corner is all the more for you, all that is lacking is a vanity table!

This is part of a series of playroom transformations at low cost, do read part 1, part 2 and part 3 for more ideas! Also, coming up next week, the last and final installment of this series!

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