Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day with a teaspoon of disappointment, a scoop of gratitude, and a whole cup of love.

It's the second week of May, and a greatly celebrated weekend by all around the world, a day we celebrate having moms and being moms. It is a beautiful day to be on social media to see all the love and celebrations being shared. 

My son was one of the rare kid who came back from school on Friday without a handmade mom craft. I have to admit that dampened my mood by a mile because this year was the first year I decided to drop the homeschool effort and enrol him into a mainstream school. Lo and behold, not only have his enrollment disappointed me, but I am beginning to question my decision in actually sending my kid to school. 

Believe me, I am not that petty. But seeing everyone speak with pride about their child's self made craft for them all over social media made me feel like the crappiest mom ever. Being one who emphasized in character building in the early years, it is very disappointing to see my son being left out on learning the importance of having and loving his mom. And yet I could not really blame him, because I was the one who decided to put him to school and even chose the school he went. 

Putting my disappointment aside, I trudged on like the mom warrior that I'd like to think myself as and continued my chores like it was a normal day. As I washed the dishes, I heard the children singing to tunes, and that was lovely enough to be grateful to be a mom. I am blessed to be a mom, to two very beautiful boys. 

My day started to turn around for the better as I was brilliantly surprised by the husband and the boys who actually took some quiet time to specially do a Mother's Day craft for me! 

This was the sweetest little gesture from the husband because I knew treating me with a scrumptious dinner and a little gift bought from the shops would have been way simpler than leading the little ones on an artwork adventure. (It was tough on him since I knew he didn't know where I kept my scraps and art materials, and neither was he good at art without the computer!) 

Seeing this, I am comforted by the thought that it really does not matter how the school sees family, just as long as my own family knows the importance of being part of one. My boys wished me a Happy Mother's Day, with two big sloppy kisses across my cheeks, captured by the man who fathered them and has a part to play in granting me this special status of being a mother. 

It was a beautiful day, indeed. 

Happy Mother's Day to every woman I know who is one, my own mom, mom-in-law, my mom bloggermates in SMB who are brilliant mothers in their each unique way, and all my friends! Today, we celebrate us, and I would like to tell each and everyone of you, we did well... And we are doing good! ☺️

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  1. Happy Mother's Day Nadia! Your husband and boys are so sweet!