Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Getting to know Vaby, The box of surprises! You are invited to the Launch!

How many of us moms read reviews off the internet before actually buying something? I actually do that all the time. 

"I want to buy a food product...wait, let me read what reviews it has on the net."

"Hey, that lotion smells great! wait, let me read what other moms have to say about it first."
"Honey, let's go for a photoshoot to commemorate the birth of our child! Hang on, let me see what other moms recommend first."

More often than not, we wished there was a service that allows us to try certain products and services first before actually trying it out just so we don't end up a victim ourselves, and that we really like what we spend our cents and dollars on. Also, we get to try new novelty products that we probably have never seen or heard before! What if a box contained all that, suited to what we needed and what we wanted. A box of goodies, just for us to sample and try before actually buying the actual product. That sounds just about amazing, doesn't it! Best part, we get this surprise box delivered to our doorstep, I love surprises!!

VABY, is a brand new service that provides a one stop solution for all baby products and services as well as a new discovery online shopping destination for mums. It is a monthly service that is sent right to your doorstep, and contains products that you may need or wish to try based on the profile that you have given. It's customized to your likes, and your status (pregnant, mom with babies, mom with older aged children) so there's a high chance that nothing gets unused. 

I'll be at the Vaby Launch this Saturday, and I think you'd like to know that their launch is not only for the media, but it is open for all! Just simply indicate your interest by subscribing and signing up as a member (It's Free!) and liking them on Facebook! They will contact you shortly and you will be able to come and join in the fun at the launch, get to see the different products they can have in each Vaby box as well as get a Vaby Box free for yourself to try!

Join us at the launch, and bring your family down for a day of fun At The Playhouse! The last time we were there, the kids did not want to go back, and we did not want to go back either! See you there!

Disclaimer: I was invited to brunch with the Vaby Team to get to know more of the products, while the children got to roam free at the Playhouse. We were also gifted with a set of Vaby apparels and was compensated for transport.

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