Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Media Invite: Cbeebies live countdown to Christmas at Plaza Singapura

Every June and December, I can't help but look out for those mall shows that feature some of the children's favorite television characters live. After all, it is the school holidays and the children definitely deserve some ogling over their favorite characters LIVE instead of just watching them on television.

Now, one of our favorite tv kid channels is Cbeebies. Why? Because it is British, and also mainly because it has Mister Maker! I cannot think of anyone who does know or like that british arty farty mister, because he is so fun, so adorable and so so creative. A year ago, he came by to Singapore and we watched him at Plaza Singapura. The boys were stoked beyond belief when they saw him live, and this year we are lucky enough to catch him live again, only this time it's live via a special TV link, also at Plaza Singapura!

Apart from Mister Maker, other Cbeebies characters also appear, and you know what I like best? The flow of characters who appeared on stage caters to children of all ages! Never mind that you have an infant, because he is sure to recognize the good old Teletubbies!

You have a toddler that has grown out of the Teletubbies, and is also learning his numbers? Well then there is the Numtums that you can catch too! Best part, they sing some really catchy number songs that allow the children to sing along to and learn at the same time, If you happen to be spending at the mall that day, then a $30 receipt will get you an on stage pass to take some intimate photos with these characters too!

Finally, if you have a preschooler, than of course you have to catch Mister Maker himself! Hosting the show via the special TV Link. I do wished the TV link appearance was a little bigger though, so that everyone could see it. Because the crowd was overwhelming, and most of the kids were too short to actually focus on the screen. But well, still felt awesome to be there anyways. As long as the kids enjoy themselves, really! And we brought home Mister Maker for some inspirational creations too in the comfort of our home which I encourage you to do too, after watching the show. Grab some art supplies and get creative!

The Cbeebies Live! Countdown to Christmas will be having shows everyday from 21st November to 7 December (except Tuesdays)! Find out more details on the Plaza Singapura website if you're intending to go, and for their showtimes! With such mall shows, moms like us would not have to worry about keeping the children occupied this holidays!

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