Monday, April 6, 2015

Rise and Shine Carnival 2015, come and join in the fun!

My family loves sleeping in on weekends, because we usually have late suppers on Friday nights as a way to get all riled up for the weekend. Hence, breakfast is undeniably the last thing on our minds when we go to bed on Fridays. BUT, there is this one event that actually gets us even more excited than sleeping in, THE RISE AND SHINE CARNIVAL!

The Rise & Shine’s inaugural event is aimed to raise awareness on healthy development of children through good dietary and lifestyle habits after research findings show 1 in 3 children have unhealthy breakfast. The turnout for this event was a success that had broken the Singapore Book of Record for the largest breakfast picnic turnout in 2013 and we are rather proud to be part of such an event that promotes family togetherness and is recognized nationwide.

Last year, we were up just as the sun was up, and all happy to have a breakfast picnic with hundreds of other families at The Lawn. The Rise & Shine Carnival 2015 is the largest outdoor carnival in Singapore for children and families and the very first event that is breakfast picnic themed. Best part of all, is that there are plenty of activities for children and families to do throughout the carnival, and I promise you, your children is going to need a lot of coaxing when the event ends!

This year, the Rise and Shine carnival is back for the 3rd year, so you can expect three times more fun, more joy and definitely more bonding between families. It is also held at a much bigger area, the floating platform! While the carnival usually aims for morning activities, don't fret if you think you won't be able to lug the whole family out by the early morning, because activities are extended till 5pm this time around!

If you're wondering if you should go to this year's Rise and Shine carnival, here are some photos from last year's even that may help with your decision!

Buy your tickets online, and join us!

Look at how many of us are having breakfast together, its really fun!

Just one of the many activities that the children get to enjoy!

Everyone gets a "picnic basket'' of nutella goodness

Spreadddd and eatttttt

Believe me, nothing like having nutella goodness on a picnic with many other families!

This year's highlights include a special appearance by a Manchester United Legend! Some lucky kids might just score a chance to have a friendly soccer match with him! OKay I am a huge Manchester united fan, so this is definitely a plus point for me, remind me to get my boys dressed up in their jerseys for this!

Other highlights include a Special performance by Angry Birds, kiddy rides, face painting, bubbles party, and a lot of other sports related activities, which I am very excited for because children these days really need to get out there and moving to such fun!

More details about the event:
Venue: The Float @ Marina Bay 
Date: Saturday, 18 April 2015 
Time: 8am – 12pm (booth activities will continue to run till 5pm!
Kids have more time to try out games at each booth)
Ticket price: Free entry for kids below 12 years old. $20/ ticket. Each paying adult will receive a play coupons worth $40 and each family will receive a picnic mat free.

 Visit website for more details:

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Also, a chance to get your hands on two pairs of tickets to join us at the Rise and Shine carnival 2015! Just answer a simple question with your email address under comments below, and like our page Itchyfingers Photography on facebook to qualify! Contest ends on 8 April 2015, good luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. The Float @ Marina Bay

  2. The Float @ Marina Bay

    1. The Float @ Marina Bay

  3. The Float @ Marina Bay

  4. the float @ marina bay

  5. The Float @ Marina Bay!

  6. The Float @ Marina Bay!!

  7. The Float @ Marina Bay!!

  8. The Float @ Marina Bay