Monday, March 18, 2013

Sure, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

While we were walking along the old and very rustic Changi Beach, my husband chanced across his dream bicycle. Which he bought on a whim. On the drive home, he confessed that he bought the bicycle because it was too pretty to resist. Set on very thin wheels and a slim body and in a coat of vintage baby blue, the Harris fixie really is a beauty if you are a vintage sucker like us.

And while we were on our way home, he went on to justify his impulsiveness to buy and use pretty things even if they were not needed, not exactly usable or even if it is pricey to begin with.

Previous history of Himbo traits:
(1) Bought a pair of leather boots which is still killing his heels to date, and he insists on wearing them because they made him look good. 
(2) He owns a couple of Marc Ecko watches because he is crazy for the blings that shine like there's no tomorrow.
(3) He buys shoes in every color, and every design possible. Because he likes matching them to the color of his tees. (My mom calls him the male version of Imelda Marcos) There was once we went to town, and he went on a shoe shopping impulse just because he saw a couple that caught his eye. From Pedro to Nike and Adidas, in we went and out we came with three big bags of new shoes.
(4) He chooses mobile phones not for the specifications but how it actually looks. Scratch that, he chooses his gadgets (laptops, television sets, home entertainment) based on the slimness, and design but hardly for it's specifications. Hardly a man characteristic, I know.
Perhaps, that is why he is in the design field. He appreciates beauty ahead of function. But then comes my next question to him:

"Gee, Was that how you chose your wife too?" 


  1. Hahaha~~~ Himbo King! And the boots tt STILL hurts??? I thought such things only happens to ladies.

    1. Yes that pair of boots still hurt, the leather cuts through the skin because it's not seasoned yet. LOL, and for style sake, well..... he still wears it. He's like the woman in the house, because I am in the same ol'flip flops all the time. He owns more shoes than me!

  2. u know, himbo also technically means he's handsome, no? hahaha~~

    1. Wahahahahaha, man! I just complimented him without even realizing it. :/