Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The What's in my bag series, that is if I even have a bag to list!

Adeline mentioned that some men just don't get why women carry bags, some so big it can fit in a giraffe, others so small it can only fit in a piece of emergency sanitary pad. I am one of the rare women who carry none of those. I hardly carry bags, and more often than not, I squeeze in my Ezlink card into my husband's wallet while my hand phone is tucked into the back pocket of my jeans when we are out. I personally think it is rather convenient to be bag-free when I am out with the kids, or by myself. So when this What's in my bag linky was initiated, the husband took a laugh and said, "now that's one linky you can't participate in!"

I was determined to prove him wrong, and to some extend prove that I do have some female hormones within my body. Hence, I ransacked my bedroom for my schoolbag, of which I carry to school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. These three days are days I carry a bag because of my solo bus journey, and I really need most essentials found in it. By the way, this pink striped bag was brought for $5 at Chatuchak, Bangkok. No reason why I should spend tens or even hundreds of dollars for a bag I hardly use. :)

1. Water Bottle
Long dreary classes are often saved by my water bottle. It keeps my hydrated and fresh through the hours and hours of lecture. Love that it says PLAY UNTIL THE SUN GOES DOWN too. An apt reminder that I must play hard while studying and parenting hard!

2. iPad
I love how technology has such a huge role to play in today's learning, working, and playing environment. My iPad serves as a great tool for school, as well as my trip to school. In the bus, I'd either read the latest news, check my mail, play temple run. And in school, I would write notes, take down project details, and erm squeeze in a bit of facebook while I am at it.

3. iPhone
Okay okay, I am an Apple person if you don't already notice. I love my apples, both the fruit and the gadgets. And yes it comes it a smiggle casing, which you may have already noticed too. I love how my iGadgets are constantly synced and my life is so much more convenient that way.

4. Current Read
This is probably the only thing in my bag that changes each time. My current read, The Wrong Way Home (no pun intended!). And because this is a travelogue, my mind is often switched to wanderlust mode while I am reading it. Pretty good read on a rainy day, in a freezing cold bus.

5. Wet Wipes
Proof that I am a mother to messy toddlers, yes! I don't know why I bring them with me to school, but I do. Okay fine, I admit I am as messy as my boys when I am munching in class.

6. Pocket Perfume
I love nice scents, and I am pretty anal about smelling good all the time. This JPG pocket perfume is a great buy because it actually comes with refills too!

7. Lumix handheld camera
I don't always carry my bulky canon dslr wherever I go, but having a camera with me is a must at all times. Being a mother, I am always on standby mode for funny moments, memorable times and milestones achieved with my two sons. It is an absolute must to have a handheld camera that's decent enough to chuck into the bag, and durable enough for the boys to tug at it. Lumix has been my chosen camera since 2006, and it has never failed me. I recently changed my old LX-1 to a waterproof TS-3, and still the best handheld camera I have had so far.

8. Extra SD Card
I love snapping, need I say more?

9. Smiggle Notebook
Don't ask me why I need a writing notebook when I have a handphone and an iPad. I love notebooks, notepads, stick-on notes. I sometimes use my notepad to doodle and journal my thoughts when I am feeling lonesome on the bus.

10. Smiggle Pens
Smiggle has the best rollerball pens. It is smooth to write, and looks pretty to hold. Comes in many colors too, and I make it a point to bring at least three in my bag at all times, for doodling purposes.

11. Sistic ticket stubs
I often bring my kids to plays at SRT, and I also often forget to take these stubs out of my bag. Sometimes, I use them as bookmarks. Other times, it serves as a good reminder of the good fun times I have had with my babies.

12. Tangled up earphones
I have no idea why earphones tend to tangle up within seconds of dumping them into the bag. I really should get those detangler things. My earphones are crucial to watching movies and serials on the bus with my iPad, and also for bopping my head to One Direction tunes and feeling sixteen again.

13. Wallet with attached House Keys
This wallet is held together by a rubbery band and was bought when I was a teen, at Topshop. Believe it or not, I am still using it and it looks as new as ever. Again, proof that I keep my wallet at home most times, and squeeze my Ezlink into the husbands wallet when we are out. In it consists of my IC, student matric card (great for lunch discounts by the way!), an ATM card, a library card, and a wedding photo. I am probably the only woman in the world who does not carry a long wallet full of debit and credit cards and all the different types of department VIP cards.

14. Snacks!
Very crucial indeed. These ranges from sweets, to chocolates, to biscuits as well as an occasional muffin. I need to munch to keep myself alert in class, you know?

There you go, my not so girly version of what's in my bag. No cosmetic pouches, nor long wallets. Just the bare essentials for a techy and nerdy woman like me.

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  1. Good idea to keep snacks in the bag. I get hungry very easily and end up buying while out. Will bear this in mind next time.

    1. I like the idea of having snacks with me all the time too, for emergency purposes like when I suddenly feel faint or hungry! Hee! A good excuse to shop for snacks on the go too!

  2. I love that bag! So arty and vibrant. If you didn't say it was $5, I would have thought it cost at least $18. :p Thanks for linking up!

    1. haha now u know how cheapskate I am aye! I love the vibrant pink it comes in too, :) I actually bought three of different colors u know, so cheap!