Monday, June 17, 2013

On being a Father: Guest Post by the Husband himself.

The boys and I celebrated Father's Day yesterday, giving thanks to the Lord for blessing us with a man who has been the pillars holding up our warm home. I could go on and on talking about the wonderful man that he is, or the fun times we have together but then I decided to let the man himself do the talking.. Let's give a warm welcome to my guest blogger today, the husband himself to speak about what being a father really means to him. 


It has been a while. A pretty long while I must say, since I last pen a proper blog post. The invitation from the dear missus to contribute as a guest post came as a surprise yet one that I very much welcome. Finally a chance to deviate from my regular Facebook updates on football,current affairs, politics and did I mention football?

This was meant to be a belated post on the amazing yesterday that was dedicated to all the fathers out there. I had originally intended to write this yesterday but perhaps the overwhelming love and attention I received gave me a welcoming hangover that I had to postpone the blog post.

Having been a father since 2010, celebrating a day dedicated to these wonderful band of amazing men is still new to me. To have people fuss over me for being the best father to my kids, showering me with praises and gifts was something that I am still coming to terms with. Being someone that gets uncomfortable with accolades I often find myself left to blush whenever the day comes. Therefore I always thought it's just fair that I always share the credit of being a good father with my other half.

You know they always say behind every successful man is a woman. In this case, behind every awesome father is an even awesome wife. You see, to me being a father is not as natural as to how a woman takes to being a mother. Having carried the lil' one in their womb for the whole pregnancy, more often than not, the motherly instincts usually kicks in even before the baby is born. Let's not even mention the birth, the breastfeeding, the countless hours spent together, a child's bond with a mother is second to none. The father on the other hand usually take the role of a passenger, looking on through all the action, although always ready to jump in when needed. 

When we first welcome our first child, the missus and I, we were clueless about how to go about doing things. Yet while she confidently took on her duties, I always needed that reassurance that I am doing things right. Little chores like nappy changing, preparing a warm bottle of milk, selecting the right clothes - not a single thing could have been done without the nod of approval from the only one person, between us, who seemed like she knows what she was doing.  And so we moved on from me getting better at nappy changing to picking up nursery rhymes, to learn about the importance of indoor and outdoor play and everything else that makes me look good as a parent. At least that's what I thought.

Therefore if and when, anyone thinks that I have been an awesome father to kids, I reserved my heartiest thanks to my dear wife, without whom, being that wonderful dad is not possible. She may not realize it but who I am as a father to my kids (and a pretty awesome one some will say) is probably all thanks to her being a good mother and me playing catch up. As we go along the journey of attempting to good parents, I am a but a shadow of my dear wife, imitating her every step in attempts to be the male version of the awesome mother that she is.

So here's a belated Happy Fathers'day again to all you awesome dads and of course not forgetting the women who made it all possible. They say the trouble with being a parent is that by the time you are experienced, you are unemployed. So may the learning journey continue and may we all be as good parents to our kids and enjoy every moment of it.


  1. What a heartfelt post from a daddy's point of view. We are all just doing our best, giving our best :)

    1. I agree, with you and the husband... :) we are all really just giving and doing our best!