Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Meet Mr Pickles

I remembered during part of my short teaching stint in an international school, how children would bring home a plushie to share their weekend adventures with. These would be journaled into a book, and each child would get a chance to bring the plushie home either for the weekend or for the holidays.

The result? A very fulfilled plushie who has tons of travel stories to share. And a nice journal that captured all those memories down, handwritten or drawn by the children themselves. The children learn to express themselves and learn to read, write and draw with this project too. It becomes a very meaningful and happy project that every child wanted to be part of.

I was reminded of this "project" by a teacher of mine once again, and I thought why not start on one for our boys to journal too! So I ransacked their plush sack and found a little teeny white hearty bear. This was given by a friend during the birth of my first son, so it does already have a nice story to tell. 

I shared wit my boys about the bear and this new project we are going to start on, and had them choose a name for him/her. This was how it went:

Me: boys, this teeny bear will share all our adventures from now on okay? We'll bring him out for fun, we'll share dinners with him, take pictures with him and do everything and anything that you wish to with him. Alright? 

Boys: yeay, we have a new friend! 

Me: what do you want to name him? What about Olaf since he's white?

Boys: no Olaf is that snowman in the cartoon. He's got a carrot nose! 

Me: what about frosty or snowy? 

Boys: no! Frosty and snowy need snow and we don't have snow! I think... We shall name him... Mr pickles!

Me: Mr pickles, really? 

Boys: yes! And Mr prickes is going to do everything with us from now on! I'm going to show him my bed now...

So there, meet Mr pickles. We'll share more about him when the adventure begins! 

The boys decided that Mr pickles will be lonely so they added a new addition for our adventures. Meet Mr PInko! Mr Pinko goes way back because our little one used to nuzzle his little beak when he was an infant. 

So now we have two fellas to document. Let's hope it all works out well! 

Add Mr Pickles on Instagram at MEETMRPICKLES to follow his journey of fun-filled adventures with the boys! 

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