Saturday, January 25, 2014

So we went Wimbly Lu by Lu...

I've heard of Wimbly Lu and their famous chocolate delicacies since I was a mother of one. Since then, it has been in my mental note to go there and have a chocolate truffle or two, a Nutella mud pie or even their hazelnut butterscotch bar just to keep my chocolate levels safe. Sadly it took me two years to actually venture my way to Jalan riang, and get my hands on those much heard of delicacies. Good news is I'm glad I did, even though I was two years slow.

Staring at their menu, I wanted to order everything! But I restrained myself to just a main dish and a dessert. I had the chicken and mushroom baked rice and some Eton mess for dessert. I eventually decided against the usual chocolate and settled for meringue biscuits topped with raspberries instead. It was a gooooood choice for the sweetness kept me up all night. Ok no, I'm pretty sure it was the quality oh a good chat and some great company that kept me up awake, anot not the sweet meringue! 
Set aside from the usual hustle and bustle of our lion city, Wimbly Lu is located in a quiet estate off serangoon, and it's not that difficult to get to even if you are going by public. 

The area space is pretty small though, and I'm pretty sure they only have about ten tables, a mixture of two and four seaters. I loved the cosy and rustic ambience, yet I'm not so much a fan of the closely spaced seats. It made talking a little difficult, due to the lack of personal space but unless you are just randomly chatting about nothing too serious or personal then the lack of space is not a problem because I am quite sure the patron sitting next to you will be able to hear it all.

I shared a little off my friend's salted caramel ice cream waffle and it was really good too. I always am on the lookout for salted caramel anything, and the ice cream did not disappoint though the waffle is obviously not Wimbly Lu's specialty and definitely not something I would make a second trip for. 

I am actually surprised that I managed to go on a no-chocolate order, given that chocolate has always been my dessert  priority. Having said that, I have absolutely no regrets having what I had. 

I did notice at the corner of my eye, a little rattan baby chair at the corner of the cafe and a bookshelf filled with Madeline  books and other whimsical children reads which clearly meant it is child-friendly. Super yeay for all of us mommies, as this would mean another chill-out cafe added to the list of places we could go with our family and children!
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