Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Part 1:Organizing the Children's Learn n' Play Room

Part of my new year's resolution if I actually had one was to clear up my children's playroom. It is also the room where they do most of their learn and play and spend most of their time in. Unfortunately, as a result of my excessive shopping habits and procrastinating nature, that room was pretty much left in a mess the whole of last year. New loots were simply stacked, until it reached almost ceiling high. Truth be told, I could not even remember some stuffs I had bought and kept until I brought them all out to organize early this year.

So this is part of my organizing the playroom in a homeschool house series, where things are organized in a manner that is kept low budget, and simple. Part One of this series includes a reorganization of all the things we owned and classifying them into different categories. This would help me (a homeschool mom) know where to get my materials, and the children (the homeschooling kids) understand the category or subject that they are learning or playing with.

This Laiva shelving unit was kept at a budget, and was bought from Ikea for only $29.90. It is just nice for keeping things that are not too heavy and I had chosen all our resources that came in light boxes to shelf nicely and neatly on this unit. Children could also see quite clearly from the box spines what each individual item is all about, and could pull out to play easily when left on their own. 

Everything was then classified under "Games/IQ Games/Family Games", "Language and Literacy", "Math and Numeracy", and "Science Concepts". That way, I could easily find something I am looking for when I intend to cover something in each category with the children. And my children could also identify the items that teach them math, or English, or science for example.

It is always brilliant to have things organized so that I do not look or sound like a cluttered mother, which honestly I have been since my children came into the picture. I blame it on time, or the lack of it, hah! Stay tuned for part two of my organizing the playroom series, I promise you it gets more exciting and cheaper too!


  1. You know I used to say I would never let my house be in a mess cos I'm such a neat freak.. only to eat my own words when I became pregnant again and had the baby.. hahah. I will get neat again.. once I'm able to get 6 hours of undisturbed sleep ;P

    1. Hahaha u know i am exactly like you, such a neat freak, a little changed over the years of motherhood but I am still trying not to let it out of me and succumb to the mess. Good for you, letting go is a good thing! Lol, my kids suffer at my effort of being neat all the time!